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Members of Placement Cell

1) Prof. Shija Abhilash

Contact No: 022-27433002/05

Message from the Placement Cell

The Placement cell is the nodal group to coordinate the student-industry interface. The cell is involved in understanding the dynamics of the corporate world so that it is tuned to assist the student and groom them for their future careers. The extensive database on the student’s assists the cell in the student building program. Personal interaction and feedbacks are also effectively monitored. The cell thus provides ample guidance in the planning of suitable Industrial visits and the requisite level of exposure to industry standards. The summer placement is worked out with futuristic awareness for each individual.

The highly motivated professional, harmonious team which makes up the cell are from the best of the institute assets and the cell are from the best of the institutes assist and the cell remains vibrant throughout the curriculum. A summer guide felicitation and an alumni meet is the part of the activities to share experiences and views and evolve understanding of the dynamics of the corporate world both for the students and the faculty.

In a nutshell, the placement cell operates as the means for the end. The industry will benefits from the product and so will the student in their future assignments.

Summer Internship Program

During the summer vacation students work for different organizations as per their area of interest. This is to get an orientation about specialized subject they choose in the final year. Students get hand on experience while work for an organization for two months. This is in tune with Mumbai University curriculum for MMS studies. Students prepare exhaustive report depending on the experience they gather and research work conducted in that stipulated time period. The hard bound project report is submitted for assessment which becomes a valuable testimonial from them. Placement cell members help in this context to arrange interview and confirmation of internship. Faculty guides take responsibility in mentoring students to accomplish the project work.

Campus Recruitment (Executive Placement)

The palcement team of MGM's IMSR ensures 100% placement Assistance for final year students. Corporates are invited during the placement week and time slot is given to Corporates to conduct interviews. Students get an opportunity to interact with company executives and get their skill and knowledge approved by them. Sometimes shortlisted candidates are informed immediately and in the other case placement committee receives feedback afterward and informs students to prepare for next course of action. Regular follow up is done to keep in touch with prospective employer.

Milaap (Alumni Meet)

Alumni meet is organized twice in a year to unify ex-students with the existing one. Industry honchos are invited to share valuable insights. The event provides open forum for alumni to introduce each other, interact about the present scenario and enjoy entertaining performances as well. Ex-students go down the memory lane and discuss about their pleasant moments experienced during college days and how they have excelled in their present position with management wisdom. Ex-students enrich existing students with their advice and suggestion to make progress through thick and thin of times and make a mark in different circumstances. Ex-students are given opportunity to conduct session in Business Process Development

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