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message from chairman

In the course of last 20 years many Management Institutes have sprung up all over the country. Graduates passing out every year are highly optimistic, that Business Management courses ensure a rewarding career. Whether the students admitted for Business Management courses receive quality education and right training is debatable & I feel the focus of Business Management courses is mainly to train and place students in responsible positions in an organisation depending on the caliber and academic strength of individuals to discharge the responsibilities assigned to them.

Leadership in any organisation or in an institution is a blend of several qualities. It is a role that demands multi-tasking or multiple responsibilities like Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Operations. A leader must have the ability to steer his team to face tough situations. The ability to motivate a team, to work with cross cultures and to be able to facilitate change are the top three factors for a leader to posses to achieve business goals. A good leader needs to be a good listener and motivator, he should pay attention to his subordinates views only then will there be innovation.

Success is not a one-shot process. It is the result of a continuous improvement after each failure. The fear of failure needs to be captured in order for a person to learn from his failure too. It is an invaluable opportunity to rectify errors and move forward. Failure in working for a good cause is better than success in working for a wrong cause. I thus would like each one of you, joining MGM’s IMSR to aspire to be a global leaders and a successful human being.

Mr. Kamal Kishore Kadam

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